Martinsburg Brethren in Christ Church
We strive to be a church that Lives out our FAITH, embraces our FREEDOM and grows through FELLOWSHIP.

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What's Happening?
Bible Studies
Sunday evenings at 6:30 at the Herr’s. One on Tuesday evenings at 6:30. Everyone welcome. Please see Earl Herr or Mike Clark or Pastor Michael for more information. If you would like to start a Bible Study, or host one, please talk with Pastor Michael.

Cards For India
Please save ALL kinds of cards (birthday, Easter, Special occasions, etc.) They will be used as bookmarks for Messiah Village and church libraries as as well as for note cards for people to send encouraging notes to each other. Christmas cards will be used to make 10 page booklets to tell the Christmas story to the people in India. Contact Sharon Herr for more information.

BICUS Week of Prayer & Fasting January 6-12 Please plan to participate as the Lord directs you. Take the time to seek the Lord and deepen your personal relationship with your Creator, Savior, Friend, and Lord.

Sacred Assembly January-13. The Worship Council of the Allegheny Conference will be sponsoring a night of prayer and worship to bring an end to the week of Prayer and Fasting. Please plan to participate. 

Congregational Council Meeting will be on January 23 (1/30/19 fallback). The agendas are in your mailbox. Extras on the table under the mailboxes. Please plan to be there to support the ministries of MBIC.

BIC Overcomers Trips
The Missions Committee is sponsoring two trips serve with the Overcomers in New Mexico. The first one will be in May and the Second one will be in November. The teams can consist of up to three men. This is hands on person to person ministry. It can be very challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. If you are interested in going on either trip, please see Pastor Michael or the missions committee members.

Summer Missions Trip to New Mexico
We will be sending a team to partner with BICWM, BIC Overcomers, Broken Walls Fellowship, and the BIC Navajo Mission in June 2019.  
The trip will have some construction, some VBS style ministry, some outreach and fundraising for the Overcomers and Broken Walls Fellowship. Please see Pastor Michael or the Missions Committee if you are interested in going or for more information.